4th Circular


AIDA 12th Conference

4th Circular


Dear Aida 12 participants

As the Conference is getting closer, you will find below a number of important information and requests:

a)      The program. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you see any mistake or problem in your name, affiliation or title. 

We would like participants to send their Powerpoint files in advance so that we can test them on the Conference computers to save time. For those who will distribute a handout, we need to receive the file at least one week before the Conference, before May 21st in order to print them.


b)      Payment of registration fees. This is an important step. For all those who haven’t paid yet, don’t forget to pay online before May 10th on:


When you connect on the site above (azur-colloque) to pay the registration fees, please pay attention to the following:

p.2. Please state if you intend or not to attend the conference lunches (no additional cost).

p.3 If you pay with your personal credit card, do not fill in the information which only concerns people paying by bank transfer.

p.4. Fill in your status with special care (participant with communication, student or attendance only) to avoid error in payment and cancellation of your registration.

If you have any problem in the registration process, contact us as soon as possible.


c)      Location of the Conference.

You will find a map of Saint Charles Campus on the Aida12 web site


The Amphi Charve, Salle des Voutes and Rooms PHY51 and 52 are all in building 9.



d)     Ramadan

We will do our best to provide vouchers for a daily Ramadan iftar/ftur/fatuur to the colleagues who will be fasting and skipping the conference lunches. The meals will be served in a restaurant near the conference venue. If you are interested by this option, please contact us as soon as possible.


e)      Gala dinner:

A gala dinner will be organized on a boat, with a cruise to the “Calanques” if the weather is nice. The price of the gala dinner is 30 euros, payable in cash on the first day of the conference. It has to be reserved very soon, so we would also need you to confirm your presence to the dinner before May 10th.


To sum up, could you please, before May 10th:

- Pay your registration fees,

- Inform us if you are interested with iftar vouchers instead of the conference lunches

- Confirm your presence to the Gala dinner

- contact us in case of  any problem



Looking forward to seeing you in Marseille,

The Aida12th Organizing Committee



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